Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Gear Motor-

Model 550 HT

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High Load permanent magnet motor suitable for demanding applications. It is electrically reversible and available in output speeds from .25RPM up to 120 RPM.

Model 550HT Features

  • Tough Extruded Aluminum gear housing
  • Die cast end covers
  • Oil impregnated output shaft bearings
  • All metal gearing
  • First stage gears are helical for lower noise
  • UL/CUL & CSA Recognized
  • Leads- As required


Continuous Torque
Rating from 69 oz. in (5 Kg-Cm) up to 416 oz. in. (30 Kg-Cm)-ratio dependent.

Rotor Speed
720 RPM

Voltage: 12V, 24V, 115V & 230V 
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz or 60/50Hz applications
Power Input: 5 watts 

Output Shaft:
6mm (.236 in.)  or 8mm (.315 in.) with flat