Hysteresis Synchronous AC Gear Motor
- Model 730

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A special characteristic of the hysteresis motor is a built-in clutch that disengages from the geartrain when power is removed. The clutch is important in applications that require resetting the geartrain. Re-energizing during reset will cause internal damage. Speeds available from 1/10 RPM to 15 RPM.

AC Gear Motor - Model 730 Features

  • Fully enclosed clutch is part of the gear train where it is protected from the external environment
  • When powered, clutch "locks in" and rotor drives through gear train to output shaft. On removal of power, clutch disengages rotor from gear train
  • Internal clutch operates as part of the motor, does not require a separate circuit
  • Motor operates in any mounting position
  • When de-energized, output shaft can be externally driven in the opposite direction from its operating direction of rotation
  • Mounting is compatible with other pear-shaped motors
  • Impedance protected
  • UL & CSA recognized
  • Options available...consult factory


Rated Torque
19 oz.-in. (1,368 gm.-cm.) at 1 RPM-60Hz

Rotor Speed
450 RPM at 60Hz

Static Gear Train Rating
40 oz.-in. (2,880 gm.-cm.) maximum.
Varies with gear train construction.

Output Speeds
15 RPM to 1/10 RPM


Voltage: 24V, 115V, 230V
Frequency: 60Hz or 50Hz
Power Input: 5 watts at 60 or 50Hz Current Input: 24V-320ma, 115V-59ma, 230V-30ma at 60Hz or 50Hz

115V and 230V: 9 ± 1/2 in. (22.9 ± 1.27 cm.)
24V: 6 1/2 in. ± 1/2 in.
Stripped 3/16 ± 1/16 in. (.48 ± .16 cm)
22 AWG 7 x 30 top coat
PVC insulation 1/32 in. (.08 cm.) thick, black

Electrical Terminations

Exits at 12 (standard), 3, 5, 7, or 9 o'clock

Ambient Operating Temperature Range
Varies with duty cycle. Consult factory.

Permanently lubricated. Special lubricants available for operation under 10°F (-12°C)...consult factory.

Output Shaft Options Available