Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Gear Motor

- Model 500

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A powerful permanent magnet synchronous motor in a very compact package. Delivers 500 ounce-inches of torque at 1 RPM. Speeds available from 1/2 RPM to 240 RPM. Suitable for many instrument and industrial applications.

AC Gear Motor - Model 500 Features

  • Compact package
  • High torque at low profile
  • Rugged die cast housing
  • Extended front and rear bearings available for additional radial load capacity
  • Impedance protected
  • UL & CSA recognized
  • Options available, see Options section


Rated Torque
Running: 500 oz.-in. (36 kg.-cm.)at 1 RPM
Starting: 450 oz.-in. (32 kg.-cm.) at 1 RPM

Static Gear Rating
400 oz.-in. (14,400 gm.-cm.) maximum.
Varies with gear train construction for different speeds.

Voltage: 24V, 115V, or 230V
Frequency: 60Hz, 50Hz, or 50/60Hz
Power Input: 3 watts maximum
Current Input: 24V-111ma, 115V-27ma, 230V-13ma

115V and 230V: 9 ± 1/2 in. (22.9 ± 1.27 cm)
24V: 6 1/2 in. ± 1/2 in.

Termination Points

Exits at 12, 4, or 8 o'clock

Ambient Operating Temperature Range
32° to 142°F (0° to 61°C)

Rotor Speed
720 RPM at 60Hz


Permanently lubricated. Special lubricants available for operation under 32°F (0°C)

Output Shaft Options Available