Permanent Magnet Synchronous AC Gear Motor

- Model 125

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Permanent magnet synchronous motor used in applications requiring up to 125 ounce-inches (9,000 gm.-cm.) of dynamic torque. Cut metal or molded plastic gear trains, different output shafts and clutches offer flexibility to meet a variety of application requirements. Our newest gearmotor for timing and drive source applications. Motor head also available with pear-shaped gearbox as Model 150. Various speeds available…consult factory.

AC Gear Motor - Model 125 Features

  • Rugged die cast gear housing
  • Mounting is compatible with other round gearmotors
  • Impedance protected
  • UL, CSA & VDE recognized
  • Class F insulation system is standard
  • Options available… consult factory


Rated Torque
Running: 125 oz.-in. (9,000 gm.-cm.)at 1 RPM
Starting: 87 oz.-in. (6,264 gm.-cm.) at 1 RPM

Rotor Speed
400 RPM at 60 Hz

Static Gear Train Rating
200 oz.-in. (14,400 gm.-cm.) maximum.
Varies with gear train construction.

CW, CCW, or Bi-Directional

Voltage: 24V, 115V, or 230V
Frequency: 60Hz, 50Hz, or 50/60Hz
Power Input: 3 watts maximum
Current Input: 24V-130ma, 115V-45ma, 230V-20ma at 60Hz or 50Hz

Electrical Terminiations 
Standard motor is provided with either poke-in or quick-connect terminals. Leads, cord sets and connectors available as options.

Terminiation Points

at 1, 5, or 9 o'clock
for metal gear housing.

Ambient Operating Temperature Range
32°F to 230°F (0° to 110° C) for class F insulation system, which is standard.

Permanently lubricated. Special lubricants available for operating under 32°F (0°C)...consult factory

Output Shaft Options Available