Autotrol to Exhibit at Hannover Trade Show

Exciting News! Autotrol will be participating in one of the world’s largest trade shows, HANNOVER MESSE 2013 - Motion, Drive & Automation. The trade show will be held in Hannover, Germany the week of April 8-12.  We will be accompanying a contingent of Illinois manufactures working through the assistance of the Illinois Office of Trade and Investment.  Our booth will be located in Hall 24 Stand C15, Booth # 13B.  If you are in attendance, we would be glad to demonstrate our ability to meet your gear motor needs.


Autotrol Now Offers Coreless DC Motors

Autotrol offers a complete line of coreless DC gear motors. Coreless motors offer very low moment of inertia and therefore have superior acceleration and deceleration response. They have no magnetic cogging and lower vibration. They are well suited for medical, automation, controlled dispensing and many other applications requiring a compact and responsive gear motor. The coreless motors are also available with magnetic or optical rotary encoders and various gearheads. The dc motor is offered in sizes from 10-24 mm. Please call our Sales department to support your application needs.


Medical Industry Uses Autotrol Motors

AUTOTROL custom designs and manufactures sub-fractional gear motors to serve the medical industry. An example is a Coagulation Analyzer that tracks the shear elasticity of a blood clot and its ability to arrest bleeding.

Call or email us today to discuss your motor needs.  815-459-3080 (X132)


Autotrol Expands Assembly Capabilities

Autotrol is expanding its assembly capabilities to better support our customers. From complete motor actuation systems for office partitions to tilt assist cylinders used on the Navy Seal’s attack rafts, Autotrol is your assembly resource.  This improves our customer’s competitiveness by reducing time to market and overhead costs.  Call us today at 815-459-3080 (X132) to discuss your assembly needs. 


Autotrol Introduces DC Motors with Encoders

Autotrol now offers a line of precision coreless DC motors built with an integral  “incremental” encoder. The encoders are produced by Citizen-Micro, a global manufacturer  of precision components. Two types of encoders are available. The  magnetic encoder can be coupled to 13-17 mm diameter coreless motors and the  optical encoder can be coupled to 17-24 mm diameter coreless motors, from  2.4-24 VD volts. Applications range from medical, optical, robotic, industrial and many others. For more information please contact Autotrol’s sales  department at 815-459-3080 (x132).


Autotrol Motors Help Customers Provide “Green” Products

Autotrol is currently working with several companies whose purpose is to help their customers “go green” to become more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time.

One is working to provide the people of the world with the ability to have 99.99% clean drinking water.  The water purification system that they have developed is unique and proprietary. It provides a totally integrated, stand alone and maintenance free system that will provide purified water from any water source. This innovative product will not only provide benefits in third world countries but in developed countries as well.  After all, bottled water is not only expensive but it generates large amounts of container waste. In this application, the Autotrol gear motor provides the driving motion for the filtering medium.

Another Autotrol customer has developed a method to grow locally produced high quality food all year round, regardless of external environmental conditions. Their product is a hydroponics system that will allow people in urban settings or environmentally hostile areas to grow plants and vegetables inside their homes.  Imagine having fresh vegetables, picked literally within reach of the dinner table, and without the energy consuming transportation costs required with grocery store food.  In this application, the Autotrol gear motor drives the plant trays allowing exposure to both light and water.

These two new and exciting applications are just a few of the innovative projects that Autotrol’s engineering team, with its years of motion control experience, is supporting.


Medical Products are a Popular Application for Autotrol Motors

One of the most popular and successful applications for Autotrol motors is in Medical Products.  One customer has recently introduced a high-tech blood mixer with wireless communication and information transfer, built-in bar code scanner, and a proprietary mixing action using an Autotrol 200 series motor.  This unit is proving to be very popular with hospitals and blood banks throughout the world. 

Another customer has developed a portable lactate analyzer designed for coaches and trainers to monitor lactate levels of elite athletes training in the field with the accuracy and precision of a laboratory analyzer.  Lactate levels can be a direct indicator of oxygen supply to muscles during and after training activities.  This unit also uses an Autotrol 200 series motor which is a DC powered motor mated with a customized gearbox designed to perform exactly in accordance with the demands of the medical devise.

Autotrol motors are used in many different types of sophisticated medical products which require some form of movement.


Autotrol Motors used in “The Hurt Locker” Robot

Autotrol Corporation is proud to report that our motors are used in the bomb disposal robot featured in the critically acclaimed 2009 film “The Hurt Locker”.  The movie, which won the 2009 Best Picture Academy Award, is the story of three members of the US Army’s elite Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad.  The squad members risk their lives daily as they search for and disarm roadside bombs in the streets of Baghdad in order to try and make the city a safer place for Iraqis and Americans alike.  In one of the first scenes in the movie, the squad is using a small, track mounted robot to investigate a bomb.  This robot is manufactured by one of our customers and it uses two Autotrol 200 Series motors to position it’s camera.  These EOD robots are used when possible so as to avoid risking the lives of American soldiers and the Autotrol motors help to make it happen.

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